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NewBeeDrone is dedicated to bringing the best products to consumers. Before a new product is released to mass public, we allow qualified users to test our products first hand in order to help us improve the final version of the product. If you are interested to offer your help to make our products better before mass production, please fill out the application below and we will contact you shortly. Please note that there are only a limited amount of test products available, therefore we will be highly selective in the process. Please give us as much information on your experience as a pilot as it will help us in evaluating your qualification.

*Important: Please note that beta testing is not free. Once selected, we will send you a page or draft order for purchasing the product in a special beta testing price. The product will be yours to keep after testing. Additionally, we will give you a discount on the finalized product and keep you on the beta testing list so you will be automatically contacted once we have other new products ready for testing.

BeeBrain Brushless Beta Testing Version at $99.99

BeeBrain Brushless Beta Testing Version at $99.99

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